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Meet our board and a bunch of great volunteers.  Will you join our team?

Board of Directors

The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park's Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers who have a broad array of leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm in supporting one of the world’s finest beaches.

The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park's  Board of Directors adhere to a code of ethics.

President - Heather Skelly

I was born in Hawaii and traveled up through High School as part of a military family. I lived most of my adult life in Maryland and Delaware and have been visiting the Keys for vacation since 1992.

Bahia Honda was my first beach experience in the Keys, and I instantly fell in love with the pristine views and blue water. I have always loved the beach and have been passionate about keeping beaches clean and safe for humans and wildlife.

As part of my passion for the beach and ocean, I connected with the Friends of Bahia Honda through volunteering with other local organizations with the same commitment to sustaining and preserving the beautiful ecosystems in the park and surrounding area. I am thrilled to join the Board of the Friends of Bahia Honda!



Vice President - Victoria Weagley

When we first started staying in the Lower Keys in 2012 we fell in love with the beauty of Bahia Honda State Park. We would sit for hours on Sandspur Beach and marvel at what Mother Nature put out for us every day, the shore birds, those flying above us diving for food in the ocean, the lapping of the waves onto the white sandy beach and so much more.

We became volunteers, sometimes cleaning the beach 6 days a week. It wasn't long after that we moved full-time to the Keys and were introduced to a like-minded group of people who were starting up the Friends of Bahia Honda State Park.

I have served on the board as Secretary, numerous years as President and now VP. I believe my 34 years in business gave me the organizational skills needed to do the work I now do. It is very rewarding to work with fellow volunteers and park staff who all believe we can and do make a difference in our park, what I'll always call, the jewel of the Lower Keys .

Vice President


Treasurer - Vonnie Carlett

As a long-time Florida coastal resident, I have fallen in love with the ecology of this diverse and beautiful state.

Currently, I split my time between the Keys and my hometown in northwest Pennsylvania. I will tell anyone willing to listen that I am lucky enough to live in two of the most beautiful places on earth.

As a resident volunteer at Bahia Honda State Park for the past several years, it has quickly become like home. I am passionate about maintaining a balance between public access and preserving its unique ecology.

Because of that passion, I am honored to serve on the Friends of Bahia Honda State Park Board. My goals in this role, are to work as part of a team to integrate community and park goals to ensure the growth and preservation of this amazing asset in the Florida Keys.



Secretary - Pam Martin

I began volunteering at Bahia Honda in 2014 at the Nature Center. After hurricane Irma, I drove the Bahia Honda State Park Trolley giving tours to thousands of visitor.

Presently, I volunteer as a roving reporter, chatting with visitors, offering park information and answering a variety of questions from our many park visitors.

I'm excited to be on the Board for Friends of Bahia Honda State Park as their Secretary and I'm looking forward to working with the rest of the amazing team.



Board Member - Gary Wilkins

We first saw The Florida Keys in February 2011, renting a house on Big Pine Key from friends in our home state of Ohio. Included was a Florida State Parks pass, and we discovered Bahia Honda State Park, settling on Sandspur Beach, most of the time.

We had so much fun in The Florida Keys, that we returned in August to discover and enjoy more. We vacationed here again in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and after retiring, decided to move to Big Pine Key in February 2015!

That Spring, we met new friends on the beach and were urged to attend the 1st public meeting of The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park. We knew right away we wanted to join the new organization and did. Later we agreed to join the board of FOBSP. We've enjoyed our participation in a variety of activities, both private and public events, to help preserve and improve this beautiful gem of The Florida Keys.

I'm proud to have been a part of this organization’s growth and what we've been able to provide to the park. Working with the park's management and staff has been rewarding and I look forward to getting more accomplished! Please, JOIN US

Board Member


Board Member - Lin Wolf

Shortly after moving to Florida in 2014 I began volunteering for Florida state parks.  A few years ago I had the opportunity to volunteer for Bahia Honda State Park and immediately fell in love with this gorgeous island.  The diverse ecosystems found on this small island fascinated me.  I felt fortunate to be able to walk the, then closed, Sandspur Beach to help collect the mass quantity of plastics and other trash that the tides and ocean currents brought in each day.

I currently spend a portion of the year at my cabin in northwest Pennsylvania but always look forward to returning to the Florida Keys.  I find myself regaling my friends with stories of the time I spend in the Keys and at Bahia Honda State Park.  It is truly an honor to be able to lend my time and expertise to assist the park.

I am beyond excited to join the Board of the Friends of Bahia Honda and am committed to assist with fund raising that supports the growth and beautification of the park.

Board Member


Board Member - Bill Weagley

After numerous years of renting in the Lower Florida Keys, we kept staying longer and longer, we made the decision to move here full-time.

The beaches of Bahia Honda State Park became a part of our almost daily lives. Before joining The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park, my wife and I would volunteer often, cleaning the beach and speaking with park visitors. Giving back to Bahia Honda State Park is the least that we can do, since it has given us so much.

I have served on the board of directors almost since the inception of the FOBHSP. Being involved with special events, giving interpretive tours and working side by side with fellow volunteers and park staff is satisfying. I welcome others to join us.

Board Member


Board Member - Bob Henry

Originally born and raised in Delaware County Pennsylvania. I spent my summers at 34th Street Beach in Ocean City New Jersey. I came to Bahia Honda in 2000 on my first visit to the Florida Keys.

I was amazed at the beautiful beaches and aqua blue water. I spent many days having fun in the sun while relaxing on Sandspur Beach and swimming in the clear blue ocean. After frequent visits to the Florida Keys, I finally purchased a 2nd home on Big Pine Key in 2010 mainly due to its proximity to Bahia Honda.

I decided to move to Big Pine and becoming a full-time Florida resident time in 2019. I became a Bahia Honda Park Ranger that same year. Working there as a ranger was truly a dream job. I met and made many new friends working with other rangers and volunteers at the park. Utilizing the knowledge of my fellow rangers, I learned the history of Bahia Honda and about the many types of unique plants and animals to be found in and around the island. I enjoyed educating and enlightening many inquisitive campers and visitors during my time as a park ranger.

I will continue to be a part of the park and impart my experience and knowledge with anyone and everyone. I would like to make the future even better, not only for the park, but also for everyone who gets to experience all the exciting activities and beauty this special place has to offer its visitors.

Board Member


Board Member - Nancy Olson

My husband and I first started coming to the Florida Keys five years before retirement. We knew we wanted to volunteer at a Florida state park after retirement.

We were lucky enough to get a campsite at Bahia Honda and it was love at first sight. The warm, sunny weather along with the pristine beaches, abundant sea breezes and ocean waves felt like home. We knew this is where we wanted to volunteer our time.

I attended my first CSO meeting five years ago and knew immediately I was in the right place. I have focused my volunteer work with the FOBHSP on event planning and fund raising. I bring 20+ years of experience working with nonprofits and volunteer groups to the table and am happy to use this experience now as a member of the board.

Board Member


Board Member - Christina Hughes

My husband was born living on the East end of Bahia Honda. On the very first day we met, he told me about this magical island, with great enthusiasm.

In 2012 we made our first visit together, and it was then that I understood his enthusiasm.

Over the years we traveled down from Sarasota to visit, camp, and volunteer in beach clean-up events. As the years passed, our visits became more frequent and eventually led us to our move to the Keys in 2023. This is when I became a volunteer with the Florida State Parks.

I am very passionate about the conservation of our environment, the importance of our native flora and fauna, and genuinely enjoy educating the curious about our diverse ecosystem.

Being a good steward of our beloved little island, for me it is truly a labor of love.

Board Member



We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization formed to help preserve, conserve, enhance, and promote Bahia Honda State Park.

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