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World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our blue planet.  Friends of Bahia Honda State Park supports this.

Make a difference withgetting involved!donations!changing our habits!World Oceans Day Clean-Up June 12, 2021

Bahia Honda State Park

A HUGE thank you to all who participated at Bahia Honda State Park for our World Oceans Day clean-up, sponsored by The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park, along with Reef Relief and Advanced Master Naturalist, Joe Land. Thank you also to Winn Dixie, Big Pine Key, for their generous donation of nutritious snacks to keep our volunteers going. Events like this bring out groups of like-minded people who care about our ocean, our beaches, and our shorelines. Together we made a remarkable impact on sea turtle nesting environment, shorebird havens, sea grass beds and our treasured Sandspur beach. We had approximately 60 people volunteer their time; diggers, pickers, drivers, sorters, kayakers, snorkelers, youngsters, teens, veteran beach combers, staff, volunteers and organizers. It took a team effort to pull this off! Joe Land compiled a few statistics (below) to share with everyone regarding the trash we collected. Once more, thank you all for your hard work and please remember the message; We will continue to clean our ocean and shorelines but the ultimate goal is to educate others, and set good examples for actions that will reduce marine debris. Reduce your single use and make a difference.

Total pounds collect: 2,610 lbs.

  • Plastic bottle caps:  1,167
  • Plastic single use bags:  24
  • Plastic single use cutlery:  266
  • Plastic single use bottles:  588
  • Plastic single use cups:  17
  • Plastic single use straws:  15
  • Fishing gear:
  • Full lobster traps:  5
  • Partial lobster traps:  4
  • Trap throats:  33
Large amounts of rope, Styrofoam buoy balls, shoes, flip flop pieces, glass bottles, aluminum cans, wooden planks and other bulk materials and microplastics.

Quick History

World Ocean Day uniters and rallies the world to protect and restore our blue planet!


World Ocean Day supports collaborative conservation, working with its global network of youth and organizational leaders in >140 countries, and providing free and customizable promotional and actionable resources. 

World Ocean Day is powered by the world Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council.

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Mission and History

On World Ocean Day, people everywhere can celebrate and take action for our shared ocean, which connects us all.

Get together with your family, community, and /or your company, and join with millions of others around our blue planet to start creating a better future.

By working together, we can -- and will -- protect and restore our shared ocean. Join this growing global celebration in June and continue to grow the engagement year-round!

Florida Healthy Beaches Program

NOTICE: Gov. DeSantis has directed parties accessing public beaches in the State of Florida to follow the CDC guidance by limiting their gathering to no more than 10 persons and distancing themselves from other parties by 6 feet. Local authorities have been given discretion by the Governor to make decisions about whether public beaches should be closed. Some have closed their Ocean or Gulf beaches. 

This decision is made in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus into new communities and to slow the spread of infection in communities already affected by the virus. Before you drive there, we suggest you visit the city or county webpage to see if they have closed their marine beach(es) for the next several weeks.


Volunteer at Bahia Honda State Park

If you are interested in volunteering for Bahia Honda State Park, please visit and click on Get Involved. There are many opportunities for volunteers in Florida State Parks, we couldn’t do it without great people like you.

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