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The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park are commited to helping the park make safety and quality improvements. 

New Polaris ATV for the Park

October 2021


Cleanup Specialist


2021 Polaris ATV

Why This Project?

Whenever we held a beach clean-up, it was clear the Park needed an all terrain vehicle to reach the areas where large, quite heavy pieces of debris wash to shore. During World Ocean Day on June 12, 2021, we removed two large rubber coated items, seven embedded crab/lobster pots, heavy lumber and several hundred pounds of trash. All hands effort made a great day, but the addition of an ATV would have made life a little less labor intensive.

Cost of Project

The request was made, the purchase of an ATV for park use. This ATV would be used to support events only to assist with hauling equipment, supplies, and removal of trash from those inconvenient locations.  $8,097

Project Completion and Details

 The 2021 Polaris ATV was picked up in September.  The park will be responsible for maintenance, upkeep, certifying operators and management will determine its use and application for park events.  The park will store it in a sheltered area in the park shop. It will be operated on the beach to assist in removal of trash that cannot be normally removed by hand and to assist with bulk removal of trash collected during events.  It's inaugural use was on September 25, 2021 which made a big difference in productivity at the National Public Lands Day clean-up.



Polaris Bahia Honda Park

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The Friends of Bahia Honda State Park is a not-for-profit, grass roots group of volunteers dedicated to the Preservation, Beautification, and Support of Bahia Honda State Park.  We work closely with Bahia Honda State Park management and the Florida State Park Service to help accomplish these goals.  Friends of Bahia Honda State Park volunteers receive no monetary compensation for their services.  All donations go directly to the support of the park and related services including park facility and program improvements, special events and community outreach.

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